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The Babylab is part of the Cognitive Development Center (CDC) at CEU was established in 2008 by Professors Gergely Csibra and György Gergely for the study of social cognition in infants. Today the CDC also incorporates the research groups of two further principal investigators, Ágnes Kovács and Ernő Téglás, and its work extends to a broader range of research topics, funded by several research grants. Altogether, about 35 researchers (postdocs, doctoral students, research assistants) work in the center and conduct studies in the Babylab. 

Research in the Babylab is made possible partly by three major research projects funded by the European Research Council. We also organize a yearly conference on cognitive development in Budapest, the only one in Europe in this field, attended by several hundred researchers from all around the world.

Ernő Téglás

Associate Research Fellow, Budapest (2010-)

Gergely Csibra

Professor, Vienna (2008-)

György Gergely

Professor, Budapest (2008-)

Ágnes Melinda Kovács

CDC Director, Budapest (2010-)

Barbara Pomiechowska

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest and Vienna (2015-)

Denis Tatone

Postdoctoral Fellow, Vienna (2011-)

Elizaveta Vorobyova

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest (2014-)

Eszter Szabó

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest (2013-)

Maayan Stavans

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest (2019-)

Péter Rácz

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest (2019-)

Rachel Dudley

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest (2019-)

Tibor Tauzin

Postdoctoral Fellow, Budapest (2011-)

Barbu Revencu

PhD Student, Vienna (2017-)

Bálint Varga

PhD Student, Budapest (2018-)

Dóra Fogd

PhD Studentin, Budapest (2016-)

Eszter Körtvélyesi

PhD Studentin, Budapest (2017-)

Laura Schlingloff

PhD Studentin / Visiting Researcher, Vienna and Budapest (2016-)

Levente Madarász

PhD Student, Budapest (2017-)

Magdalena Roszkowski

PhD Studentin, Vienna (2019-)

Maja Blesic

PhD Studentin, Budapest (2020-)

Maria Mavridaki

PhD Studentin, Budapest (2020-)

Nima Mussavifard

PhD Student, Budapest (2016-)

Otávio Mattos

PhD Student, Budapest (2015-)

Paula Fischer

PhD Studentin, Budapest (2015-)

Ágnes Volein

Lab Manager, Budapest and Vienna (2008-)

Dorottya Kerschner

Research Assistant, Budapest (2021-)

Dorottya Mészégető

Research Assistant, Vienna (2018-)

Iulia Savos

Research Assistant, Budapest (2016-)

Zsuzsanna Üllei

Research Assistant, Budapest (2018-)

Christina Regorosa

Babylab Coordinator, Vienna (2021-)

Edit Vitrai

Center Coordinator, Vienna (2018-)

Mária Tóth

Babylab Coordinator, Budapest (2008-)
Former Lab Members

Andrea Schrök

Center Coordinator (2008-2016)

Borbála Széplaki-Köllőd

Research Assistant

Bálint Forgács

Postdoctoral Researcher (2012-2014)

Dóra Kampis

PhD student (2011-2017), Postdoctoral Researcher (2017-2018)

Eszter Endrődi

Research Assistant (2018-2020)

Eugenio Parise

Postdoctoral Researcher (2009-2013)

Frances Buttelman

Postdoctoral Researcher (2014-2016)

Fruzsina Elekes

Research assistant

Gabi Felhősi

Research Assistant

Gábor Bródy

PhD student (2014-2020)

Hanna Marno

Research Fellow

Johannes Mahr

PhD student (2013-2019)

Jun Yin

Postdoctoral Researcher (2013-2015)

Katalin Illés


Katarina Harrison Begus

Postdoctoral Researcher (2016-2019)

Krisztina Andrási

Research Assistant (2016-2018)

Marian Chen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Marianna Nagy

Research Assistant

Mikolaj Hernik

Research Fellow (2011-2019)

Nazli Altinok

PhD student (2013-2020)

Neha Khetrapal

Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-2020)

Nicolo Cesana-Arlotti

Postdoctoral Researcher (2015-2017)

Olivier Mascaro

Postdoctoral Researcher (2010-2015)

Petra Kármán

Research Assistant (2019-2021)

Renáta Szücs

Research Assistant

Rubeena Shamsudheen

PhD student (2011-2020)

Szilvia Linnert

Research Assistant

Szilvia Takács

Research Assistant (2013-2016)

Viktória Csink

Research Assistant

Willem Frankenhuis

Postdoctoral Researcher (2011-2012)

Zsuzsanna Karap

Research Assistant

Ágota Major

PhD student

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